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Opportunity follows struggle. It follows effort. It follows hard work. It doesn’t come before.
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tiny puppies on tiny couches !

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”- I want to know… I want to know what you’d do to me.

- Wow.

- Wow, i just said that.

- You just said that… I just kissed the top of your head, ever so gently.

- You did?

- Yes, and then I kissed your eyelids… And they fluttered underneath my lips, just a little. 

- A little.

- And very, very slowly I just grazed your lips with mine, but because you’re married I didn’t dare kiss them.

- No?

- No, instead I worked my way slowly down your neck and I kissed every inch of it and lingered over your birthmark, on your left shoulder. Yeah, that one. And I smelled you. I really inhaled, and I smelled you.

- What would I smell like?

- You smell like you do. The way you smelled on the plane. The way you do now— a mixture of sweetness and fuck… And I kissed your breasts and licked your nipples, and I stayed there for about an hour, and I was gentle at first, but I found out how they worked, and you weren’t at all that interested in me being gentle… And then I thought to myself “I need to find out how she works. How every part of her works.” and then I spent about a week and a half with your body. And I began to learn it and know it. Every detail of it. And… I played with you before I entered you, before I spread your legs and fucked you, hard. I fuck you harder than I wanted to, but I couldn’t help myself. Then I pulled your hair gently while I rocked inside you. I fucked your mouth, and every part of you, until we were so intensely fevered that we couldn’t see straight anymore. And I filled you with my cum and told you again and again that I love you. I love you.”

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